Hello, I’m Gala. I’m a designer focused on product, service and interaction — currently based in Amsterdam, previously London.

Tommy Hilfiger —
A connected game for wearables
Tommy Hilfiger


Senior UX/UI Designer
Tommy Xplore is a gaming app that connects with the Tommy Hilfiger smart clothing and allows users to claim points and rewards by completing different tasks whilst wearing  their connected items of clothing.

I worked closely with the Head of Product and multiple stakeholders across the globe, helping the team develop process flows, build high-fidelity prototypes and designing all visuals according to brand guidelines.
Cole (browser plugin) —
A better way of discovering art
Personal project


Founder / Designer
Cole is a browser plugin that connects to the Victoria and Albert Museum's API and displays a random object from the museum's eclectic collection every time a new tab is opened.

Users can also find out more about the object's history and–if the item is on display, where to find it in the museum. Given that many of these items are currently in storage, the extension allows for discovery of work that’s not currently available for public viewing. (A collaboration with product designer Alex Charlton).

Download Cole here
Neyber —
Designing for fairer finance


Senior UX/UI Designer
Neyber is a financial platform for work communities where employees can lend, save and borrow from each other by making deductions directly from their salaries.

I worked closely with the underwriting team and senior analysts to design application flows that would meet requirements without impacting on the customer experience. A flexible flow that fits one question per screen allows users to focus on the content and a conversational type approach helps to guide them through.

View the case study
The Quipu Project — 
An interactive piece for social justice
Chakka Films


Senior UI/UX Designer
The Quipu project is an online interactive documentary that collects the stories of indigenous men and women in Peru that were forcibly sterilised under president Fujimori’s family planning programme in the 90s.

The Quipu team have set up a free phone line in Peru, where those affected can call and record their own stories. These recordings are also fed into an online platform where those with internet connection can listen and record their responses which in turn, get fed back into the phone line– bridging the analog-digital divide.

I designed the project’s website and interface for the pilot platform to sit alongside their crowdfunding campaign, which raised over 20k to help develop the platform, later developed by Helios Design Labs.

The project has won several awards and is partnered with Amnesty International and supported by the Tribeca Film Institute.

Watch the trailer here.